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We are a creative, aggressive, and committed team that assists you in obtaining the best deal possible for your commercial lending needs.  


We know different companies have different needs which is why we offer several different lending package options.  


This allows you the freedom to focus on developing your new business venture more rapidly.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
    Owner-occupied and stabilized investment real estate properties such as multi-family housing, medical facilities, office buildings, retail, hospitality, farm and ranch, affordable housing, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, SBA, CMBS, shopping centers, and warehouses

  • Commercial Construction Loans
    Construction and development projects with typical loan ranges from $500,000 to $10,000,000 - $100,000,000 plus

  • Commercial Refinance Loans
    Aggressive refinance loan options for existing commercial real estate loans providing lower rates, more flexible terms, and lower monthly payments

  • Commercial Hard Money Loans
    Short-term interest only loan options used to purchase commercial property before refinancing into a long-term traditional commercial mortgage

  • Commercial Development Project Assistance
    Recommendations as to architectural, engineer, general contractor, and lending services




Each lender requires their own specific documents and loan application. The following checklist provides a list of the most common information requested to initiate your loan shopping process


Loan details

• Amount and payment terms desired

• Use of loan proceeds (owner occupied real estate, new construction, refinance, hard money loan, etc.)

• Explanation of collateral (legal description of real property or list of specific fixed assets)


Business Financial Details

• Financial projections

• Balance sheet and income statement for the past 2 years

Business income statements including all schedules for the past 2 years

• Schedule of all business debt including loans and leases

• Current list of accounts receivables and accounts payable

• Organizational documents (tax ID certificates, articles of incorporation and by-laws for corporations, articles of organization and operating agreements for LLCs, partnership agreements for partnership)

• Description and background of business operations (customers, competitors, products sold, services sold)

• Resume for any participant with 20% or more of the business/project


Personal Financial Details

• Personal tax returns including all schedules for the past 2 years

• Personal financial statements for each participant with 20% or more of the business/project