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Laura Kirby M. Jur.

Laura Kirby M. Jur.


Laura began her impressive career by landing a highly sought after position with Neiman Marcus/ Bergdorf Goodman as a corporate credit manager in Dallas, Texas. This invaluable corporate training and working with high level clientele fueled her success.

Bryce Chatland

Bryce Chatland

Executive Commercial Loan Consultant

Bryce Chatland has more than 20 years of relationship-driven and leadership skill to offer. He has experience as a former corporate leader, independent business owner and financial services lender/consultant, prior to partnering with LLK Consulting.

Victoria Olivares

Victoria Olivares

Executive Assistant

Victoria Olivares is a highly skilled Executive Assistant who is dedicated to serving LLK Consulting to the best of her abilities. She understands that the role of an EA is crucial to the success of any organization, and takes great pride in her ability to streamline processes, manage projects, and support her team.

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